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I am very pleased to announce that 'Holding On' has been selected for Sketch For Survival Longlist 2024, by Explorers Against Extinction.


I have always loved to express myself through visual arts, memories of my childhood in rural Hampshire often include a pencil or paint. This continued into higher education where I attended the University of Leeds to study Fine Art. However, I couldn't really find my 'voice' as an artist and was deeply frustrated that I couldn't make work I loved. So, I left art behind for a few years. I had children, we moved to Derbyshire and I became a teacher.

But the nag of creating was unavoidable and never left.

I was asked by my in-laws to draw a dog they wanted to gift to some friends and I found, to my joy, that I adored trying to represent the soft fur and deep meaningful eyes. Then, I discovered pastel pencils- that with practise, I could could get the details I wanted with a vivid colour I loved. I was hooked.

Now, I am thoroughly enjoying pastel portraits- capturing the soul of an animal (wild or tame) or person through the beautiful medium of pastels. I want to show a moment, a texture, a soul.

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