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Pet or family portraits make a superb, luxury gift for loved ones, or yourself! If you would like a commission drawn, price guides are below. A high quality photo is needed to work from, as the higher the quality image, the more detail recreated in the drawing. Please see price guide below.

Please contact Katie Wyke via the 'contact' page for commission inquiries. 

Price Guide

Pastels achieve vivid colour and a high quality finish. Drawn on quality Clairefontaine Pastelmat. Please note that prices are guidance only, individual quotes on discussion of reference photo.

Delivery excluded. 

All sizes are in inches:

8 x 10    £160

9 x 12    £220

11 x 14  £310

12 x 16  £390

16 x 20  £640

18 x 24  £870

Relative sizes are also available, e.g. if you would like 9 x 9, use the 8 x 10 pricing.

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